Thomas Austin Preston, Jr. is the slender birth name of Amarillo and he was born in Johnson, Arkansas on December 31, 1928. He now lives in Amarillo, Texas with his wife of over 50, and has 3 children and around 7 children. Amarillo Slim proclaimed as “the greatest player who ever lived”, having popularity on and off the poker circuit.

Making a life out of improbable bets has made Amarillo popular thin. He played golf with Evel Knievel using a hammer, played poker with the US presidents, Larry’s flint flush for $ 2 million at a poker game and a $ 300,000 Willie Nelson at the dominoes , and the pool played a pocket using a broom handle with Minnesota fats.

As expected, not everyone likes Amarillo thin, especially Larry Flynt who has intensely stated that the slim status “has been drawn on lies”. Ironically, a slender life movie is scheduled to release on December 25th of this year, starring Nicolas’ camp and directed Milos Forman, same director in ‘The People Against Larry Flynt’. Slim Amarillo is an entertainer, a celebrity in every aspect.

He usually wears a cowboy hat and initials an ostrich skin at tournaments. He has also appeared in several TV shows and landed a small role in a movie. But Slim is quite famous in the poker circuit as a fierce opponent. He has accumulated 4 World Series of Poker Bracelets as of 2004 and has won more than $ 500,000 in tournaments.

He was inaugurated in the Poker Hall of Fame in 1992. Slim, already after 70, is not as active at poker as he used to. He says resting at a tournament makes him feel “all pokered out” and he would rather be somewhere else. He now enjoys playing golf at his own backyard and quail hunt. Thin has been busy at the casinos developing around the world.

In his autobiography “Thin Amarillo in a world full of fat people”, contains many of his escapades and trademark sayings. He was also alleged to be an anti-Semitist and anti-feminist because of his dry comments in his book. There are quite a number of people who disdain him for this reason.

The worst strike on his reputation was so thin was accused a large Randall County jury on 3 counts of child molestation. It is such a shame that a man of slim stature and prominence in the pro poker circuit will be tarnished all these allegations; allegations that will be more remembered instead of his great poker achievements.

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