The game of Baccarat is among the premier attractions in prestigious casinos worldwide. Its atmosphere of elegance and classiness has never ceased to attract the “high rollers” throughout the years since it was first performed in Europe.

One of the first baccarat games to play is French “chemin de fer”. The nobles and top-ranking officials of this country make this game exclusive to their class before it became available to the general public.

The object of the game is the same as every variety of baccarat in the world. The hand with a total closest to nine wins the game. Here, the casino does not place the game. Players play against each other with a player acting as a bank. This role revolves around the table in a counter-clockwise fashion.

European Baccarat is a variety of the game made famous England. It spread to South America and eventually became the base for the baccarat game played in the United States of America. Unlike in “chemin de fer”, the casino is involved in the game as it provides funds for the banker’s hand. It also sets the betting limit for each round of the game. If the banker sets a bet limit, the total bet amount of all players must not exceed the amount set the banker. Otherwise, no other player can bet in that particular round.

Another popular baccarat variety in Europe is the “Baccarat Bank”. The game is “railroad” somewhat similar but differs in the way that the role of the bank turns among the players. A player will remain the banker unless beaten another player. Usually, there are three decks of cards involved in the game. Three hands are also dealt two hands for the player and the others for the banker. Players can only take care of the player’s hands. The scheme of the third map is similar to the rules in “railroad”.

Finally, American baccarat is one of the most widely played variety of baccarat. Here, the casino finances the game. The players do not compete with each other but instead play against the casino. Bets are placed on the banker or the player’s hand. An option to bet on the waiting is also available in many casinos. A smaller version of this variety of baccarat was also developed. This game is called mini-baccarat and is played on a smaller table and minimum bet.

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